Tyson Chandler was on set today!!! Good to meet ya! #hepointedback #muchrespect 

Guys, could you help me with someone thing? It’s my birthday next Sunday and it would mean a whole lot if you guys could try and get Cameron to wish me a happy birthday, or have him give a shout out on his twitter? It would mean so much to me because he’s my biggest inspiration and my celebrity crush ahaha

Cameron just makes me smile like I can’t. He has a beautiful smile, a cute laugh and an amazing personality. He seems so sweet and nice and he’s an amazing dancer and I wish I could just meet him or have him know I exist


cameron boyce is going to be hot when he gets older, i can feel it


The boys of Jessie pose with fans :)

Anonymous asked:
Does Cameron like Starbucks? Oh also we found out that Cameron is dating some one, katalies real name is Faye lillistonher, and yes they had kissed more than twice! CAMALIE FOREVER!!!

aw that’s cute xxx

How old are u

I’m 13 years old turning 14 in september!
But Cameron, is 14 :)

Anonymous asked:
Did you know cameron plays the voice of jake from jake and the neverland pirates